Art House

An Art and Culture Space for All 

Envisioned as the epicentre of Indian and global art, the Art House at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre weaves in the beauty of art into everyday narratives.  

Our four-storey dedicated art space is designed to showcase a shifting array of installations and exhibits that brings the treasures of Indian and global art to the audience. 

The Cultural Centre’s facade – right next to the iconic Fountain of Joy – welcomes visitors with a larger-than-life cuff bracelet design, a nod to India’s rich heritage. While the Fountain brings revellers together, the distinctive architecture of the Art House sparks curiosity for deeper exploration. 

The space also lends itself well to tech programmes, workshops and educational events. Keeping community building and collaboration at its core, the Art House encourages new talent, and enables India to see the world through a wider cultural lens. 


16,000 sq. ft. versatile space

Built as per global museum specifications 

Modular facade for easy installation

Accessible venue

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