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“Making you & our beautiful planet sustainably rich 💰 by our exclusive quirky engineered – socially and environmentally conscious waste to wealth financial modelling” We started as a “waste to wealth” sustainable architecture, interior design, building execution, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare, home decor & healthy food products marketplace to monetize waste while keeping it in circulation and creating wealth by managing consciously for a better circular economy & sustainable future.

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Mr. Mohanty

Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Artist, Architect & Social Activist

Arch Pattnaik Ompriya Mohanty, who was brought up in rural tribal town called Muniguda, Koraput, Odisha, a serial entrepreneur, a sustainable architecture specialist, 2 times TEDX Speaker, since 2012 he has been driving multiple social enterprise initiatives to empower the youngsters especially orphans, underprivileged children through his social enterprise “Chrysalis Foundation for self expression” , women & men, LGBTQ and marginalised communities in the bottom of the pyramid (societal hierarchy) through his sustainable fashion, lifestyle, shoes, biodegradable toys and home decor brand in London, (www.pencilforchange.com)!

He is currently engaged in Pencil For Change, social and environmental conscious AI platform that will help people manage their health and wealth by cutting medicine, food & other waste.

Art & Architecture will set us free! Free yourself to imagine the unimaginable.

Art of consciousness, Art of Science & Art of Technology

Pencil for Change, a NGO : N- Nothing, G-Gets, O-Overlooked. At PencilforChange he strives to make this world a better place for all to coexist in harmony. Instead of focusing on a single cause, his motive is to take initiative in every aspect varying from Poverty to Climate Change. All this summarizes into a single cause- “TO BRING CHANGE” , Challenging the Stereotype of masculinity by sustainable luxury & integrating cultural heritage!

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