PENCIL FOR CHANGE : nXt Gen. Environmental Experiential Center

GALLERY cum Experiential cum Eating Space 

Envisioned as the epicenter of Indian and global art, the Art House at the pencil for change nXt Gen. Environmental Experiential Center seamlessly integrates the beauty of art into everyday narratives.

This four-story dedicated art space is designed to showcase a dynamic array of installations and exhibits, bringing the treasures of Indian and global art to its audience.

The nXt Gen. Environmental Experiential Center façade, adjacent to the iconic Fountain of Joy, greets visitors with a grand cuff bracelet design, paying homage to India’s rich heritage. While the Fountain gathers revelers, the distinctive architecture of the Art House inspires curiosity and invites deeper exploration.

The space is also ideal for tech programs, workshops, and educational events. With a focus on community building and collaboration, the nXt Gen. Environmental Experiential Center nurtures new talent and allows India to view the world through a broader cultural lens.


1000 sq. ft. versatile space

Built as per global museum specifications 

Modular facade for easy installation

Accessible venue

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