Hotel Holiday Resort

Hotel Holiday Resort stands proudly as one of the premier accommodations in Puri, Odisha, adorned with a myriad of exceptional features. Its inception in 1983 marked the beginning of a modest journey, yet within a mere three decades, it has evolved into one of the finest hotels in the region. Offering the perfect blend of affordability and global-standard comforts, it caters to a diverse clientele.

To delve into specifics, the hotel boasts a robust infrastructure, a prime location, abundant natural beauty, a skilled human resource pool, and state-of-the-art facilities. These instrumental factors have significantly contributed to the rise of Hotel Holiday Resort as a paragon of magnificence. Here, guests can seamlessly nestle into a haven of comfort, immersing themselves in unparalleled bliss. The most economical tariffs, coupled with unmatched amenities, make it a magnet for individuals from various walks of life.

Located a mere 0.5 km from Puri Railway Station, along Chakratirtha Road, Hotel Holiday Resort stands as a beacon of sophistication, radiating an aura of majestic allure. Upon first glance, the exterior hints at an abundant overflow of romanticism and the artistic finesse of a masterful brush, collaboratively crafting the hotel’s silhouette onto the canvas of tangible reality.

This establishment has rightfully secured a distinguished reputation among its esteemed clientele. Trip Advisor consistently ranks Hotel Holiday Resort among the top 5 hotels in Puri, a testament to its excellence. To truly grasp the inexplicable elegance it exudes, one must experience it firsthand. A stay at Hotel Holiday Resort unravels the magical blend that has transformed it into an unrivaled haven of heavenly elegance.

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