Kakkson Inn

Kakkson Group of Hotels is proudly owned by Shmt. Kanta Rani Kakkar. Our hotel was founded in 2013 in the sacred city of Puri and stands tall with its five well-appointed floors.

Situated in the heart of the city’s holiday district and in close proximity to the picturesque marine drive road, our hotel is the preferred destination for discerning guests seeking a premium experience.

Our property encompasses approximately 2500 sq. ft of space, featuring a breathtaking sea-facing rooftop that offers a majestic view of the revered Jagannath Temple, adding an extra layer of charm to your stay.


Kakkson Inn is delighted to offer you a diverse range of meticulously designed rooms, all crafted with the sole purpose of spoiling our guests with elegance and comfort. Our well-appointed interiors, inviting ambiance, and the most indulgent service are all dedicated to ensuring that your stay with us is an exceptionally pleasurable experience.

Our hotel, consisting of 26 rooms, offers accommodations in two distinct categories: the Family 4 Bedded room and the Classic Double Room.

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