Toshali Sands Resort

Toshali Sands, the distinguished four-star hotel, boasts an array of remarkable achievements, including enticing online discounts, festive promotions, and seasonal price reductions for early bird bookings.

Annually, Toshali Sands warmly welcomes over 25,000 discerning guests. It stands as one of the premier resorts in eastern India, skillfully striking a harmonious equilibrium between environmental preservation and providing sublime comfort to its esteemed visitors.


Toshali Sands Nature Escape is a place where your true spirit finds it’s way to flourish. Located within greenery as our canvas Toshali Sands Nature Escape retreat provides the perfect setting to get away and unwind. The dense eco friendly luxury hotel ambiance, diverse trails make our home away from home a unique place to come alive. Whether you are looking to stay with us in one of our rooms rentals, immerse in our signature retreats, which includes your dining, wellness packages along with entertainment and relaxing zones.

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