Hotel Lee Garden

We extend a warm invitation to experience a comfortable, hygienic, and tranquil stay in our well-appointed rooms and savor the unique ambiance of our Chinese-themed restaurant, where authentic Chinese cuisine takes center stage as the pioneer of this culinary tradition in Puri.

Hotel Lee Garden, with its inception dating back to the early 1970s in one of India’s revered pilgrimage sites, holds a special place in the hearts of the local community and visitors. Founded by the visionary Late Mr. Lee Shih Hsiung, who introduced authentic Chinese cuisine to Puri, our journey began with the establishment of CHUNG WAH restaurant on Gopal Ballav Road, a charming by-lane connected to the main beach.

We take pride in our hospitality and our strategic location, just a 5-minute walk from the acclaimed Blue Flag Beach, a mere 1.5 km drive from the Railway Station, and a 2 km drive from the world-famous Jagannath Temple, ensuring that your stay with us is convenient and enjoyable.

Hotel Lee Garden boasts a rich and deeply rooted history dating back to the early 1970s, situated in one of India’s revered Dhams. The late Mr. Lee Shih Hsiung, a true pioneer of authentic Chinese cuisine in Puri, embarked on a visionary journey with a mission to serve the people of Puri, the state of Odisha, and the entire nation. He took the initial step by establishing the CHUNG WAH restaurant on Gopal Ballav Road, a charming by-lane connected to the main beach, offering a unique and delightful culinary experience to all.

In 1993, Mr. Lee took a significant stride by relocating CHUNG WAH restaurant to VIP Road. With this move, he expanded the range of services by introducing comfortable rooms, catering to the accommodation needs of the people. The hotel, through its comprehensive services, not only assists guests in planning their travel itineraries but also strives to provide every comfort during their stay, ensuring that every guest’s holiday becomes a truly memorable one.

To this day, Hotel Lee Garden remains steadfast in its dedication to providing customers with the best services, upholding the legacy of excellence and hospitality initiated by the pioneering spirit of Mr. Lee Shih Hsiung. The commitment to customer satisfaction continues to be at the heart of the hotel’s ethos.

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