Indra Ekadashi

Indra Ekadashi 2023

Indra Ekadashi is a Hindu religious observance that falls on the 11th day of the lunar fortnight in the Hindu calendar. Ekadashi occurs twice in a lunar month, once during the waxing moon (Shukla Paksha Ekadashi) and once during the waning moon (Krishna Paksha Ekadashi). Indra Ekadashi specifically falls during the Krishna Paksha, which is the waning phase of the moon.

This Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Indra, the king of the heavens and the god of rain and thunderstorms in Hindu mythology. Devotees observe fasting and perform various rituals on this day to seek Lord Indra’s blessings for rain, prosperity, and a good harvest. It is believed that observing Indra Ekadashi with devotion and sincerity can bring relief from drought and ensure the fertility of the land.

Like other Ekadashi fasts, devotees abstain from eating grains and certain foods on this day. They engage in prayer, meditation, and other religious activities to purify their minds and bodies. The fasting typically lasts from sunrise on Ekadashi to sunrise on the following day, Dwadashi.

The specific rituals and customs associated with Indra Ekadashi may vary among different regions and communities within the Hindu tradition. It’s essential to consult a local Hindu calendar or a religious authority to get the precise date and guidelines for observing this Ekadashi in a particular year.

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