Khoya Peda

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Khoya Peda, simply known as “Peda,” is a popular Indian sweet that is made from khoya (also known as mawa), which is a milk solids product obtained by simmering milk until most of its moisture content evaporates. Peda is a traditional sweet that comes in various flavors and variations, and it’s often prepared during festivals, celebrations, and special occasions.

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Here’s how Khoya Peda is typically made:

  1. Khoya Preparation: The base ingredient of Khoya Peda is khoya, which is made by continuously simmering milk in a heavy-bottomed pan until it thickens and most of the moisture evaporates. The resulting khoya is a dense and creamy milk solid.

  2. Flavoring and Sweetening: The khoya is then flavored with various ingredients such as cardamom powder, saffron, or rose water to enhance its taste. Sugar or sweeteners like condensed milk are added to the khoya to sweeten it. The amount of sugar added can vary based on personal preference.

  3. Cooking: The khoya and sugar mixture is cooked on low heat, stirring continuously to ensure that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burns. The mixture thickens further as it cooks.

  4. Shaping: Once the mixture reaches a certain consistency where it can be easily molded, it is taken off the heat. It’s allowed to cool slightly before being shaped into small round or oval discs called “pedas.”

  5. Decoration: Some variations of Khoya Peda are garnished with chopped nuts like almonds, pistachios, or cashews. The nuts are pressed onto the surface of the pedas while they are still soft.

  6. Cooling and Serving: The pedas are left to cool and set completely. Once they are firm, they can be stored in an airtight container. Khoya Pedas are ready to be enjoyed as a delightful and indulgent sweet treat.

Khoya Pedas are loved for their rich, creamy texture and the blend of flavors from the khoya and added ingredients. They are often exchanged as gifts, shared during festive occasions, and offered as prasad (religious offering) during religious ceremonies in India.

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